Offer More Healthy Choices

Eating healthier is important to employees. With a micro-market there is more room for healthy and nutritious options. We include a variety of fresh meals straight from an FDA-approved commissary. The customized selection and delicious choices mean there is no need for employees to run to fast food or less healthy grab-and-go locations.

A wide range of healthy snacks, food, and drinks is something employees in this area are looking for in their breakroom. Be sure to offer it to them using a micro-market, which adds no extra cost to you. Promote good health, meet employee needs, and drive up productivity with one service: micro-markets. 

Make your breakroom an employee perk with a micro-market from Freshomatic USA. Call us today to discuss how we can customize the perfect snacks and beverages for your business. 

The Benefits of Freshomatic USA’s Micro-Market

The Ultimate Employee Engagement Tool
Expert micro-market service that brings self-serve retail markets to businesses.
No Vending Hassles
A secure self-checkout kiosk ensures easy, reliable shopping.
Large Product Selections
Open shelves and bright glass front coolers allow for a greater variety of foods, snacks, and drinks.
Improve Corporate Culture
Employees love the convenient shopping and updated design of Freshomatic USA’s micro-markets.
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