Quench Your Thirst 

Make sure your employees access delicious and fresh beverages from the drink brands that they know and love. We constantly bring in new beverages to keep the drink selection fresh and exciting. Many of our options include low- or no-calorie beverages so that your employees can feel great about their beverage choices. 

Technology-forward payment options mean more flexible ways for employees and customers to purchase drinks. Nothing is more frustrating than being thirsty at a beverage vending machine and not having the cash to make a purchase. That is why we have invested in beverage vending machines that accept cashless payment. Now it’s easy and secure to pay using credit and debit cards as well as a mobile device that offers Google Wallet or Apple Pay. It’s the best way to ensure the workers and visitors can stay hydrated with their favorite beverages.
Eliminate the need for your office manager to organize and supply the breakroom. We will handle it all. Enjoy the must-have gourmet coffee, specialty drinks, fresh-tasting water and fine teas available today. We accommodate any OCS option you might want, including add-ons such as creamers, sugars, stir sticks, paper products, and cups.

Call us today to speak with our expert beverage technicians. We can help you choose the solution that best meets your needs and come up with an ideal program from our range of services. Rest assured, all brewers and equipment will be regularly cleaned and maintained.
Traditional Equipment
Modern coffee brewing equipment that is perfect for high-volume amounts that need glass or air pots.
Single Cup Brewers
A sophisticated coffee brewer that can make several different coffee and tea drinks by the cup.
Water Filtration Units
Fresh tasting water delivered via bottleless water dispenser, either floor standing or countertop.
Breakroom Supplies
From napkins to utensils, we have the inventory of supplies to keep your breakroom stocked.
Variety of Coffee
Enjoy a full range of coffee options from the darkest roasts to sweet flavored blends.
Assortment of Teas
Bring in this trendy beverage with our quality teas, many of which promote good health.

Cold Beverages

Pepsi Products
Coke Products
Water & Flavored Water
Sports Drinks
Energy Drinks
Water Dispensers
Imagine clean, refreshing water ready to drink that also enhances the flavor of your coffee and tea beverages. That’s the benefit of Freshomatic USA’s water filtration systems. Our bottleless water dispensers take your plumbed-in water, run it through filters that eliminate impurities, and deliver delicious hot or cold water. We offer two solutions to suit your specific break area: the floor standing unit or the countertop unit. Contact us to find out what water dispenser may best fit your needs.
Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate
Liquid Coffee
Pour Over
3 Burner
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