Hershey products and more!

At Freshomatic USA, our snack vending machine service starts with you. We listen to your needs and wants before customizing a solution. We are happy to accommodate product requests, and we carry all the top national brands. Choose from the wide selection of traditional favorites to the latest healthy alternatives, and then allow our technicians to install and service your vending machines.

Our snack vending machines are modern and technologically advanced. The state-of-the-art payment system accepts debit or credit cards and mobile payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. The snack vending machine is connected to the internet, bringing data about sales and what needs to be restocked to our warehouse in real time. Our computerized system performs both line-by-line inventory and vending machine cash audits.
  • Customizable Snack Variety
  • Intelligent Vending Technology
  • Card or Mobile Payment Options

Guaranteed Product Delivery

All our snack vending machines include infrared technology that senses when a product is delivered. If the product is not delivered, it triggers an automatic refund. It’s a way to ensure your employees and customers are guaranteed their item or their money back.

Gum & Mints
Healthy Selections
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